Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

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Roof Restoration

Is your roof looking old, tired and worn? Are you tired of constant roof leaks?

Then, you must consider a Roof Restoration. Remember “It all starts at the top”

At Gutta House, we are committed to providing high quality roof restoration services to both residential and commercial clients properties.
For several years, we have been rejuvenating our clients’ old & tired roof as well as dramatically improving the appearance & value of their property.

The key to successful roof restoration is to consider all aspects of the work, which includes

  1. Identifying problem areas, leaks or other construction issues that contribute to roof defects or leaks
  2. Providing and common sense, and documented solution that addresses immediate and long term roof issues
  3. Proper roof preparation eg, loose pointing, careful cleaning, tile replacement, gutter replacement, Fascia and Eave repairs
  4. Using materials and paint according to manufacturer’s recommendations. All our paints are and materials are made in Australia, from trusted Australian Suppliers
  5. Performing the work in a logical and timely manner, with safety always in mind and ensuring that any other construction issues or defects are recorded for recommendation to the client.

All of our roof restoration experts are highly experienced and efficiently-trained to handle all types of roof restoration jobs. Before starting, they perform a thorough roof inspection to identify all roof related problems. With several years of experience in roof restorations, they are able to deliver even the most complex roof restoration projects on time, without compromising on the quality of the work done.

At Gutta House, our ultimate aim is to breathe new life into our clients’ tired, dull roof as well as dramatically improve the appearance & value of their property. We always utilise the best tools and equipment in order to guarantee outstanding results every single time.

Want to know more about our roof restoration service? Well then, get in touch with us today.

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